Air Skates

We can assist with Air Skates / Air Casters, Air Bearings and Air Caster equipped Turntables.

AerGlide specialized Air Caster equipped Rigging equipment

AerGlide offers a range of rigging sets used to move many tons of equipment and machinery within the Plant or on a work site, these Kits come in sets of 4 or 6 and in some cases as the customer needs more are added in various combinations to achieve frictionless and omni directional movement.

  • One pound of push moves one thousand pounds of load.
  • Smooth operations that does not damage floors.
  • Low energy consumption normally provided by standard plant air supply.
  • Simple easy to understand technology.
  • Easy to maintain.

AerGlide custom designed Air Pallets, Platforms and Transporters

All AerGlide Platforms are custom engineered and designed to handle any load, in the industry each platform is designed either based on previous work which automatically reduces cost but at Airfloat we understand your needs by carefully working with you to find the right product at the right price.

  • Platforms with lifting tables and scissor modules.
  • Platforms with Paper Roll handling capabilities.
  • Platforms with Turntables alone or with lift and tilt.
  • Platforms with specialized load manipulation and robotics.

AerGlide specialized aircaster equipped custom Turntables

All AerGlide Turntables are designed and fabricated as low energy systems, the carefully engineered technology is simple but effective as the load floats on air there is no friction and thus less energy is expended.

  • Low Profile in floor type.
  • Standard Rotates any Diameter.
  • Turntables incorporating Lift
  • Turntables incorporating Lift and tilt or just tilt

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