Ancillary Equipment

With a vast array of Ancillary Equipment available, Revro are well placed to assist you with complementary products for inclusion and attachment to new or existing equipment…

Coil Strip Lubricators

Lubricating strip or blanks prior to processing or stamping


Co-ordination and timing various functions of ancillary equipment, eg feeders.

Hydraulic Pumps & Jacks

From 5 to 1500 tons, plus specials

Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

For CNC Machines and Tools

Pneumatic Equipment

Centralised airbourne lubrication systems, regulators and special air equipment

Press Valves

Dual Press Valves, silencers, quick exhaust valves & air ejector valves

Quick Die Change

Complete Systems for interchanging dies, including rollers & pneumatic pumps

Rotary Cam Limit Switches

4 to 12 cam limit, proximity switches for timing functions

Scrap Cutters

Mechanical, Pneumatic & Electrical cutters for optimising scrap disposal

Sound Absorption Mounts & Enclosures

Reduction of noise attenuation from machinery, OH & S recommended

Vibration Mounts

Limit vibration from all plant to surrounds, personnel, building and adjacent equipment. Additionally, isolators are available for installing machinery in EARTHQUAKE zones.

Load Monitoring

Load Cells to 1000 ton, test press loads, monitoring & plant health reporting



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