Sesco Inc 22-611 Hydraulic Gripper Feeder

Sesco Mod# 22-611 Hydraulic Gripper Feeder. Max Width 48″. Feed Length 0″ to 36″ or multiple repeater feed for longer length. Min thickness 0.024″ (0.6mm). Max thickness 0.080″ (2.03mm) at full width. Mounted on 4 x adjustable support legs including the following assemblies and sub assemblies as listed available with full operating manual, including mechanical and electrical drawings. Revro can supply installation, operation, after sales service and spare parts assistance if required.

Sesco Inc 22-611 Hydraulic Gripper Feeder
Sesco Inc 22-611 Hydraulic Gripper Feeder

P/A Industries Air Slide Feed Model CX3

Air Slide Feed P/A Industries Model CX3, 3″ W – 3″ Feed Length 220 strokes per minute. Plant # 2010R

Feed Wire Smoothly and Accurately. The installation of stainless steel telescoping tubes enable the Air Feed to deliver wire smoothly and accurately to the machine. Whip and buckling problems disappear when using the Wire Feed for round, or nearly round materials over both long and short progressions.

CX3 PA Industries Feed

COILMATIC Heavy Duty Air Feed

12″ wide x 12″ feed length. Material thickness 0.312″. 55 strokes per minute maximum @ 12″. Complete with mechanical interlocked guard. Whole assembly mounted on adjustable heavy duty steel framed base and table for mounting to floor. Pull through straightener 5 rolls top, 6 rolls bottom. Electrical control provided with following functions – off, pulse, single stroke, continuous stroke, emergency stop, selector switch etc (as shown in photos). This machine was used in conjunction with a Bliss Welded Products C60 OBI (Open Backed Inclinable) press. Revro has the uncoiler straightener to suit, Plant # 2313R.

PowAir – Model 303HD Heavy Duty Feed (NEW)

Max strip width 76mm, max thickness 2.3 x ful width or thicker material can be processed with reduced width. max stroke 76mm, max strokes / min 200 @ full stroke, pulling power 45kg @ 100psi/6.8bar

Model 303HD Heavy Duty Feed Model 303HD Heavy Duty Feed 2



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