300 Ton Bliss Welded Products straight sided double crank Press For Sale


Serial # 1481A, Revro Plant # 2497R

Good condition, complete Erwin Sick electronic guard (front) & mechanically interlocked (rear).

Die cushions.

Press Load monitoring

Strokes per minute

Unisorb anti vibration feet fitting to press

20 strokes per minute

Bed size 84 x 48”

12” stroke

21” Shut height

Full instruction manual available

Press is being dismantled for sale and transport interstate or overseas.

We can supply labour and materials to install and commission regardless of location.

Price on application.

Bliss Welded Products PressBliss Welded Products Press2Bliss Welded Products Press 3

Bliss Welded Products Limited 200 Ton Coining Press

Model KJ1-200-16-9

200 Ton Knuckle Joint Coining Press, fitted with pneumatic friction disk clutch and mechanically interlocked friction disk spring brake. Ross dual valve and electronic guarding.

Approx 1 3/4″ stroke, 1/2″ shut height adjustment via wedge. Additional details available on request.


Bliss welded products kj1-200-16-9 bliss welded products kj1-200-16-9 2


John Heine 202A and 201A

We have 2 x 202A and 1 x 201A available, please contact for further information.

John Heine John Heine 2

John Heine 200A Series 4 Mechanical Press

John Heine 200A Series 4 Inclinable Press. 4 Ton Capacity. Die Space 5″. Stroke 1 1/4″. Slide Adjustment 1 1/4. Die Shank 1 1/4 (dia) x 2″ (length). Bedplate Area RtoL, FtoB, 12 x 8″. Key Clutch. 160 Strokes/minute.

John Heine 200A Series 4 Press John Heine 200A Series 4

John Heine 60A Mechanical Press

John Heine 60A Open Fronted Adjustable Bed Press. 8 ton capacity, die space 5″ min/15″ max. Stroke 1 5/8″. Bolster Area 12″ x 10 1/4″. Includes fixed guarding.

John Heine 60A Mechanical Press

Bliss Welded Products C60-AFC Open Backed Incinable Non Geared Press

Capacity 60 tons. Fixed Stroke 3″ 100 Strokes per minute. Bolster Area 831 x 533. Slide Area 381 x 254. Air Friction Clutch c/w mechanically interlocked friction disc brake. Automatic lubrication, frame cast iron. Weight approx 5000kg. Additional Specification on request. Note – service and spares available for this manufacturers equipment.

Bliss Welded Products C60-AFC

John Heine 64A Press

WG Goetz 15C

Plant Ref 2294R

John  Heine 206A Series 2 Press

206A Series 2


Wallbank 20A 20 Ton Open Fronted Press

Non Geared. Plant Ref 2294R



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