Presses – Mechanical

We have vast experience in the evaluation, recommendation and application of mechanical presses from small conventional single crank to larger, medium to high speed, 1, 2, and 4 point construction presses with conventional, link motion, or Motion Masterdrives for slow down at the impact point and / or drawing up to 160mm deep.

Standard versions of the above are avaliable however specifications can be changed in many cases and machines can be built to specific requirements.

Deep Drawing

Manufacture of stainless steel sinks, bowls, safes, saucepans, etc

Die Try Out

Hydraulic or Mechanical to enable die try out prior to production runs


2 & 4 Point, Ring Frame or Tie Rod construction to 2500 ton


Underdriven & overdriven guillotines & shears

High Speed

Lamination, transformer, electronic components

HiPro Master

Link drive for blanking & coining, drawing up to 160mm deep, & impact slowdown

Knuckle Joint

Coining applications where tonnage is required at or near bottom of stroke

Link Motion

Variable speed where slow down & impact point & noise reduction is required

Open Fronted

Where access from front & sides is important to 250 ton

Press Brakes

Accurate and precise forming where extra power may be required


Die and Tool Making Presses – low tonnage with turnover devices



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