Transfer Equipment

We can help you improve productivity progressively or as a complete system by introducing blank loaders, transfer manipulators or robots, either equipment driven or separate drives into your manufacturing processes.

Ancillary Devices

Straight or Conical Roll, Pad or Spray Lubrications, Turnover devices, Rotation, Position Recovering, Angular Orientation, Roll & Belt Conveyors, Double Blank Monitoring Systems with Automatic Unloading

Blank Stackers & Destackers

For feeding pre-blanked sheets into presses or other machinery

Customised Transfer Solutions

Inter press & multiple press component transfer

Double Bar Transfers

2 & 3 Axis electronic versions for overhead or floor mounted applications

Inter Press

From 2000 to 6000 mm distance between axis – both directions


Load & unload single tool presses, incl. servo motors

Mono Bar Transfers

Automate press line or multi-tool presses for up to 30 meter press lines

Overhead Manipulators

Transfer large components up to 200 kg on large presses

Overhead Transfers

Inter press transfer with overhead mounting for large components



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