Coil Handling

Clarks Uncoiler and Straightener

Clarks Uncoiler and Straightener. Model C1000-3-12. Capacity 1000kg, 12 inch wide x 3mm stock. Plant # 2072R

Clarkes Uncoiler Clarkes Uncoiler

Ward Engineering Ltd New Zealand – Uncoiler

8 Ton x 48″ Uncoiler. 4 leaf mandrel motorized expansion. Overarm coil hold down roll. Complete with trolley wheels and coil car rails. 4 x coil packers for different coil diameters.


Ward 8 Ton Coil Car

Ward 8 ton coil car to suit 8 ton x 48 ” wide Ward 4 leaf mandrel motorized expansion uncoiler (in stock # 2172R).

Coil Car 2

PSA Uncoiler Straightener

Manufactured in Taiwan. Heavy duty quality unit. Coil capacity 2000kg. 1500mm backing plate. 4 arm hydraulic expanding mandrel with 4 outer coil retaining arms. Coil range approx 320 mm – 500 mm. Can be increased by the use of packers mounted on mantrel arms. Straightener 5 roll top roll diameter 80 mm, bottom roll diameter 100 mm. Entry and exit pinch rolls top 80 mm diameter, bottom 100 mm. Incoming cantenary rolls 290 mm wide. Straightener width 200 mm. Entry and exit adjustable material side guides.

Yaskawa Varispeed controller Model # 606PC3. Electrical control includes motion lamp, vairable speed adjuster(0-20 metres per minute), Powerlamp, Reverse, Manual Stop, Auto, Forward.

Complete with hydraulic power pack mounted to unit. Mounted on RHS. Mounted to base of unit for relocation by forklift.

Plant # 2312

Uncoiler Straightener Uncoiler Straightener 2



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