Chalmers & Corner

We hold, source and manufacture a wide range of spare parts for Chalmers & Corner presses, press brakes, guillotines and pan brakes.

We can help you with -

Complete presses, press brakes, guillotines and pan brakes

Clutches and brakes (including linings, clutch plates, seals, pistons, springs, hubs)


Connecting Rods / Pitments

Ball adjusting screws and seats

Drive pins


Vibration mounts


Worm wheels / worm shafts for slide adjustment

Rotary Cam Limit Switches

Lubriction pumps

Barrel assemblies

Tie rods

Beds / Bolsters

Quick Die Change / Die Cushions

Air Cylinders / Surge Tanks

Slide Air Counter balance

Slides / Rams

Slide wear strips

Instruction manuals



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