300 Ton Bliss Welded Products straight sided double crank Press For Sale

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Serial # 1481A, Revro Plant # 2497R

Good condition, complete Erwin Sick electronic guard (front) & mechanically interlocked (rear).

Die cushions.

Press Load monitoring

Strokes per minute

Unisorb anti vibration feet fitting to press

20 strokes per minute

Bed size 84 x 48”

12” stroke

21” Shut height

Full instruction manual available

Press is being dismantled for sale and transport interstate or overseas.

We can supply labour and materials to install and commission regardless of location.

Price on application.

Bliss Welded Products PressBliss Welded Products Press2Bliss Welded Products Press 3

Bliss Welded Products 250 Ton Clutch Brake Flywheel Micro Inch Assembly

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We recently completed a full recondition of a Bliss Welded Products 250 Ton Clutch Brake Flywheel Micro Inch Assembly. Included dismantling, replacing anti-friction bearings, clutch brake drive pins, clutch brake driving plates and friction linings, new drive keys, new rotary extension shaft & hat seal, repairs to clutch hub, repair damaged components, re-assembled and static test unit on bench.

Bliss Welded Products Clutch Brake Flywheel Assembly Bliss Welded Products Clutch Brake Flywheel Assembly (8) Bliss Welded Products Clutch Brake Flywheel Assembly (9) Bliss Welded Products Clutch Brake Flywheel Assembly (13)

Used Machinery: Used Presses, Used Press Brakes, Used Guillotines, Used Feeders

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We have a wide selection of used equipment for sale. Some of the equipment we have is below, and if what you are after is not listed please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Comprehensive Inspection Condition Reports on all machines can be performed if requested.

Stock does change, so please phone to determine availability. A sample of our current stock is pictured but it is not exhaustive. We would welcome the opportunity to supply ex stock or source your requirement via our worldwide contacts.

At Revro, we can perform pre-purchase, pre-removal inspection assessments should you purchase used machinery elsewhere. We can also remove and re-install at your site – anywhere in the world.

Equipment offered is available in a range of conditions – as is, where is, with all faults if any; repaired or modified to meet your requirements; fully reconditioned; reconditioned & modernised; complete with clutch & brake conversions.

Coil Handling

Coil Handling – Clarks Uncoiler and Straightener. Model C1000-3-12. Capacity 1000kg
Coil Handling – Ward Engineering 8 Ton x 48β€³ Uncoiler. 4 leaf mandrel motorized expansion.
Coil Handling – Ward Engineering Ward 8 Ton Coil Car
Coil Handling – PSA Uncoiler Straightener Heavy duty quality unit. Coil capacity 2000kg


Feeders – Sesco Inc 22-611 Hydraulic Gripper Feeder
Feeders – P/A Industries Air Slide Feed Model CX3
Feeders – COILMATIC Heavy Duty Air Feed
Feeders – PowAir Model 303HD Heavy Duty Feed (NEW)


Guillotines – John Heine 108B Guillotine 108B – 8ft x 10 gauge


Presses – Bliss Welded Products Limited 200 Ton Coining Press
Presses – John Heine 202A (x2) and 201A
Presses – John Heine 200A Series 4 Mechanical Press (4 ton capacity)
Presses – John Heine 60A Mechanical Press (8 ton capacity)
Presses – Bliss Welded Products C60-AFC Open Backed Incinable Press (60 ton capacity)
Presses – 2 x Forward Down CA5 Presses 100 ton cap (Mod # S2-100-56-36 Ref # 2167R, 2168R)
Presses – Forward Down CA3 Press 100 ton capacity (Mod # S2-100-36-30 Ref # 2190R)
Presses – John Heine 64A Press
Presses – WG Goetz 15C, Plant Ref 2294R
Presses – JohnΒ  Heine 206A Series 2 Press
Presses – Wallbank 20A 20 Ton Open Fronted Press, Non Geared. Plant Ref 2294R

Press Brakes

Press Brakes – Bliss Welded Products Press Brake 30 Ton (Series 3006) x 2
Press Brakes – Promecam RG-50 Press Brake
Press Brakes – 1999 Komatsu PHS300 300-t press brake


Miscellaneous – Aida Press Transfer β€œAutohand” Robots (Model # A8 – 120)
Miscellaneous – Unbrako T-Bolts, Nuts, Strongbacks in Various Sizes
Miscellaneous – Coil Handling Hook 4.5 ton capacity
Miscellaneous – Aida Aida Die Cushion NCY-4-1 (NEW)
Miscellaneous – Aida Aida Die Cushion NCY-8-1 (NEW)
Miscellaneous – Trumpf Nibbler Punch Model # CN 63
Miscellaneous – Forwell RC-800-1600 Quick Die Change Pre Rollers
Miscellaneous – Wilkins and Mitchell Clutch Brake Transmission Assembly
Miscellaneous – Aida Transfer Die (NEW). Suit Aida Model NC2-160 Press or similar SEYI press
Miscellaneous – Grinding Wheels – Norton and Noritake
Miscellaneous – Trennjaeger (Universal Cutting Machine)
Miscellaneous – Birlec Electric Furnace. Type PHW 18.10kW.3 Phase.415V.Max Temp 1000 Cen.
Miscellaneous – Turner Riveter RS5/12 (Riveting machine)
Miscellaneous – Durant Straightener.Model MD6 Serial 173-35E. 6β€³ Cabinet Straightener. Plant Ref 2077R
Miscellaneous – Exacta Model Six OBS Press on stand
Miscellaneous – Macson Slotter
Miscellaneous – Selenium Rectifier. Model 2SR60/15/1 AC Input 240V, DC Output Max 60 Volts

Press Slide Replacement Wear Strips – 140 Ton 2 Point Gear Eccentric Press (Bliss Welded Products)

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Slide/Ram Removal (Bliss Welded Products Press).

Our client required the replacement of synthetic wear strips and machining of steel gibs for their 140 Ton 2 Point Gear Eccentric Press, as guiding and alignment to slide / ram to bolster was excessive causing end product issues. Revro personnel removed the slide/ram using overhead crane and chain blocks.

Work undertaken in Revro workshop

  • Removal of the old wear strips and replace with new synthetic wear strips which are oil filled (self lubricating) and can run at zero clearance.
  • Removed, machined and replaced existing steel gibs
  • Checked all working components including slide adjustment mechanism on the slide / ram
  • Assembled at Revro works for transport

Installed on Site

The slide was re-installed on site, clearances set between wear strips and gibs. Parallelism slide to bed/bolster to within 0.002″ (0.05mm).

Machine test run, all tested and machine put back into production.

Ram Before Refurbishment

Ram Before Refurbishment

Ram After Refurbishment

Ram After Refurbishment

Old and tired gibs

Old and tired gibs

Gibs after machining

Gibs after machining

Exhausted Wear Strips

Exhausted Wear Strips

New Synthetic Wear Strips

New Synthetic Wear Strips

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