Chalmers & Corner Press Spare Parts

Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 By admin

We have had an increasing number of our clients requesting Chalmers and Corner spare parts for presses and press brakes.

We hold a large inventory of spare parts for these Chalmers and Corner presses and press brakes.
We can help you with -

Chalmers & Corner Spare Parts

Air valves
Ball adjusting screws and seats
Clutches and brakes (including linings, clutch plates, seals, pistons, springs, hubs)
Clutch keys
Connecting Rods / Pitments
Drive pins
Worm wheels / worm shafts for slide adjustment
Rotary Cam Limit Switches
Lubrication pumps
Barrel assemblies
Tie rods
Beds / Bolsters
Quick Die Change / Die Cushions
Air Cylinders / Surge Tanks
Slide Air Counter balance
Slides / Rams
Slide wear strips
Instruction manuals
Plant acquisition allows us to offer many genuine and reconditioned parts. Additionally, our experience & expertise enables us to manufacture hard to get spare parts to client specification or from our extensive drawing and machine history portfolio, producing quality parts in timely fashion to minimise your equipment down-time.

Chalmers & Corner Service

Revro can service all types of equipment, both large and small, either on-site or at our factory.
Expensive downtime warrants a call to us.
Our client base ranges across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Thailand and the Pacific.
We provide emergency breakdown response and routine or preventative maintenance, including comprehensive inspection reporting.

We can remove and re-install your equipment. Additional services include clutch and brake conversions, guillotine blade changes and sharpening, bar cropper repairs, and so on. Revro can design comprehensive, pro-active maintenance programmes for your manufacturing facility or for an individual machine to protect your investment and lengthen its lifespan.

We also have in stock or can manufacture spare parts for a wide range of other manufacturers.
We also have a number of PRESSES for sale.

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